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I want my Alice to be In Chains!

Rip  layne
First with William singing.
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the songs being streamed

Alice plays Kashmir with The Symphony Guild
Shadow Girl - Kage OS

You can learn more about The Symphony Guild here.

I'm personally amazed. Not only is the music fantastic, but William's voice is on point too. To be honest, I wasn't confident in William until I saw this video about five minutes ago. Cheers!

Week 11 Update
Shadow Girl - Kage OS
Week 11 Update


A Little Something...
Shadow Girl - Kage OS

Alice in Chains
Alice in Chains
AiC album recording is go! Check out the blog, authored by Baldy!

Alice In Chains / Soundwave Festival 2009, New Album Coming
Shadow Girl - Kage OS
Alice In Chains is ascending on the horizon:

The Band will kick off 2009 with a main stage slot on Australia's Soundwave Festival (Feb 21-Mar 1) alongside acts such as Nine Inch Nails, Lamb of God, Alkaline Trio, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and more.

However, more touring isn't the only thing up Alice In Chains' sleeve for 2009. There's also a new record on the way—the band’s first studio album since 1995. Right now, Jerry Cantrell (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Mike Inez (Bass), Sean Kinney (Drums) and William Duvall (Vocals/Guitar) are hunkered down in a Los Angeles studio crafting their latest opus. Produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Rush, Stone Sour), the album promises top be a sonic journey guided by eerily psychedelic solos, and unforgettable riffs.

David Benveniste (Beno), of Velvet Hammer Music and Management Group comments, "Our collective vision is to extend Alice In Chains into phase two of their career, worldwide. They have tremendous heritage, having sold some 15-million records, and an amazing repertoire of new material that they've written. Most importantly, Alice In Chains will be on the road in 2009 bringing new music to fans everywhere, worldwide."

Alice In Chains is back. Be ready.
–Rick Florino

Alice in Chains on MySpace

Alice In Chains To Enter The Studio In October

The following update has been posted online by Alice In Chains associate, "The Baldy":

"Have you been asking yourself how the band spent their summer vacation?

"Well, Sean injured his beard in an unfortunate slip-n-slide accident back in June and needed six weeks of bedrest after a team of surgeons reluctantly removed it.

"Mike held vigil at his bedside, and Jerry & William used the time to go off to summer camp, where they learned to carve driftwood and make macaroni art.

"That brought us to late July.

"The guys gathered in a rehearsal studio in North Hollywood for the last few days of July and the first few days of August, and began running through the new material and shaking off the rust.

"After four days of going through the songs alone, the producer for the upcoming record joined the guys and they spent another three days polishing & spit-shining the songs together.

"A lot was accomplished in that week, and everyone is eager to move forward.

"But where does that leave us now, and when does the moving forward begin?

"Well, there's another rehearsal session this month, and a one-off concert in September.

"After the concert the band will also spend a few more days in pre-production rehearsals working on material, and since September is National Self Improvement Month, they'll also watch a lot of Dr. Phil.

"It turns out that September is also International Square Dancing Month, National Courtesy Month, and as everyone knows, it's also Chicken Month, so the guys will obviously be very busy celebrating September in fashion.

"Then October will arrive and Alice In Chains will reconvene to record the new album. THE NEW ALBUM!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!

"The band said I can watch the recording of the album from the studio parking lot, so I'll hitch hike down and post occasional updates, along with some stick figure drawings of the proceedings to keep you all informed as things progress.

"So as 2008 winds down, band activity will be gearing up, and at some point in 2009 you'll finally hear what I've been raving about for the last several months.

Get ready..."


I found this in this page:

Shadow Girl - Kage OS
So hey, I'm Bri. I just got this incredibly sexy Layne poster from

*fans self*
(I also got a Dali print, but no one will care about that one. ha! Here's a link to the above poster.)

And I must say that I did try really hard to watch a video with William at front and his voice... just, um... I can't really find the words to express this. It seems "flat" to me, emotionless.

Then again I might be totally crazy and imagining it. Oh well.

Nice to meet ya, whoever reads this!

get born again
Whats everyone thinking about the making of the movie 'get born again'?

i think it could be interesting and a good watch. the book was awsome so hopefully itll be just as impressive

Every Friday - Teen Spirit - Sounds of the 90's with DJ Lazarus

'Teen Spirit' has been going great since its launch 2 weeks ago. Come out, make a request, and get your dance on. This is your chance to relive the heyday of "Alternative" music.

Every Friday
Teen Spirit (Sounds Of The 90's)
Backroom @ Funhaus - 526 Queen Street - Toronto

Backroom: DJ Lazarus - Retro 90's (alternative, grunge, electronica, industrial, britiannia and more)

I am very excited about this new weekly called ' Teen Spirit' as it will be a great opportunity to play some amazing 90's tunes you rarely hear these days. Everything from alternative to grunge to industrial to electronica to brit pop will be played. Think of dancing to Nirvana, Garbage, Apoptygma Berzerk, KMFDM, Ministry, Oasis, Massive Attack, Morrissey, Beck, Blur, Alice In Chains, Pulp, Nitzer Ebb, Utah Saints, Filter, 1000 Homo DJ's, Cranberries, Offspring, Soundgarden, Covenant, Tool, Primal Scream, Smashing Pumpkins, Bjork, Verve, EMF, Sneaker Pimps, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Stone Temple Pilots, Depeche Mode, Curve, Spacehog, Stereo MC's, Underworld, Porno For Pyros, Cornershop, Prodigy, My Bloody Valnetine, Breeders, Elastica, Portishead, Beastie Boys, Marilyn Manson, Faith No More, Jesus Jones, Babylon Zoo, Tricky, Slowdive, Green Day, Lamb, Pixies, Sinead O'Connor, Nine Inch Nails, Dinosaur Jr, Might Mighty Bosstones, Cardigans, Beck, Pop Will Eat Itself, Suede, Stabbing Westward, L7, Whale, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ween, And One, Stone Roses, Pearl Jam, Project Pitchfork, Hum, Bush, Lush, De/Vision, Butthole Surfers, R.E.M, Tori Amos, Chemical Brothers, Inspiral Carpets, House Of Love, Weezer, Placebo, Hole, Wolfsheim, Cranes, Jane's Addiction, Orgy, Moby, James, Peter Murphy, Delerium, New Order, The Cure, Radiohead, Cake, U2, Dink, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, and soooo much more.. I guarantee this night will make you smile and dance with the perfect mix of hits and underground sounds.

Pique - shirt
Hello all. I've made a new batch of icons...

20 x Eddie Vedder
20 x Layne Staley

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