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Meeting Alice in Chains
in a mexican resturant
guygrobler wrote in aliceinchains
I have been following AIC since the early 90's and have never seen them live, and not for lack of trying - Sadly, They've not been to Israel yet and then when I moved over to the UK (2003)... well they were not as active then. I almost went to watch them in October 2008 in Arizona.. but then the tickets didnt materialize (and looking back, it would had been odd for me to have my first ever USA experience in Arizona... I've always imagined that the first place I'd go to in the states would be NY... it ended up being Seattle (Sept 2009) - I love Seattle!! (I was also in NY, which is also cool).

Anyway, returning to the topic - I secured myself tickets to Sonisphere festival and went on the 2nd of August, 2009. It was good to finally see Alice in Chains preform live... and what a performance it was. They were the best performance of the lot (Other bands in the festival were Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Limp Bizkit, etc).
I know I can't claim to be objective on this matter, but I heard plenty of neutral's claiming the same. AIC's performance was simply put - a no thrills, no nonsense and no fireworks show of pure talent and strength, just them playing/rocking the crowd with the guitar, preforming as a band the hits that made them so loved by their fans (Man in a box is immense on show, as is Would - the crowds go ecstatic and Alice responds with electrifying the crowd in tune even more), Jerry also introduced William DuVall to the crowds (he really know's how to connect with the crowds by the way, and there was a lot of positive energy coming from him).

I went back home a happy man.

I knew AIC were to preform again in London (4th August, Scala Club) and that it would be a longer session, tickets were sold out within hours a couple of weeks before. In desperation, I was thinking of going to the Scala Club, to try and buy tickets from touts outside. As a matter of fact, if you look at the list of entries in this community - you will see an entry by gillian_meg which I was the only one to respond to. Anyway, The day before the Scala gig I saw a competition on the Sonisphere website and registered (I guess it was a surprise competition (or not a planned one) as they only launched the competition the day after the festival finished and a day before the gig in Scala club and the competition link went directly to the sponsors competition page (EMI) - I entered thinking I had nothing to lose (though usually I'm pretty rubbish with lottery type draws), I also called a friend of mine and told her to enter under the condition that if I win - Ill take her with me and if she wins... well you can guess for yourselves :).

At 1pm of Tuesday 4th August, 6 hours before the Scala club opened their doors - I got a call from EMI and was informed I won the ticket!! I swear, people at work never saw me like this, and people who don't know me at work were distancing themselves from me :), people who knew me and my AIC's habits were delighted for me and some AIC sympathisers we're truly happy for me. I don't think I actually worked after that.. I just hanged around the office. I called my friend to tell her that were going and she refused to believe me. She was sure I was pulling her leg, joking with her. It took my 5 minutes of talk until finally I told her - look I just updated my facebook status, there's no going back now - now you believe me? :) She did, and she was still in shock. Her sister, also an AIC fan, on hearing she was going to the concert called her to tell her she was a b*&$h. HA! (and off course she was forgiven for using the word as not everyday do you win tickes to AIC)

7pm Scala Club.
We met EMI's people who treated us like lost children who arrived at wonderland. They took us around the place and to the bar on the top balcony (that looks down to the main floor). After half an hour we were ushered downstairs to a bar below the main floor... I admit, I didn't know what it would be like... I've never met rockstars before, let alone rockstars of rock bands that I follow closely.
Ill start from the end: You couldn't meet a nicer bunch of guy's.

Sitting on the bar, the four of them stood to meet us (and some other guy's from EMI and Scala), shook our hands and started chatting with us. There was no "distance keeping", or "I'm a rock star therefore I wear sunglasses in the dark and am allowed to be arrogant" behaviour, none of that at all. Instead, just down to earth niceness, friendliness - sharing jokes (and Sean Kinney has a couple under his sleeve), asking us where we are from and so on. I didn't expect much, half an hour before a gig is no time for a deep and meaningful conversation about the purpose of life or how you did come up with such great lyrics, especially when - they don't actually know who you are (other then - "you won a ticket... cool" as Mike Inez said :)).

I did manage to sneak in 3 minutes of chat with Jerry Cantrell, asked him about "Rooster" and told him how a lot of Israeli's relate to it which must have lead to his photo statement...
Once our time was up and we had to go up to our place on the balcony and leave Alice for the final gig preparations, we did manage to get a quick photo, or in the words of Jerry Cantrell - "The Israeli squad does Alice!"

The Scala club gig was immense, the fact that it was under a closed roof added to the acoustics. The fact that the place was exploding with people, that it was dark and all surrounding - made it all a perfect setting for the nuclear reactor that Scala club was on the 4th of August, 2009. Once again, and like in Sonisphere, Alice didn't do much fireworks (or laser shows... the most they had were colourful projector lights :D) and they didn't need any - Alice knows how to electrify the crowds to the right levels without glitz and glamour. The choice of songs was immaculate and the order of playing the songs was also excellent - every song just in place, always keeping the crowds on their toes. I think the biggest ecstasy came when they played "Man in the Box" and "Them Bones" - there is no stopping these songs, simply immense, so full of raw power - you could make an environmental friendly power plant from the energy coming out of the scala club that night.

It was a night not to be forgotten.

A final thank you to Alice in Chains and to EMI - it was great! and its an experience Ill cherish my entire life.

Last but not least:
If your intrested in viewing pictures from both AIC's gigs, click the pic.
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