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showing some love
nejesta wrote in aliceinchains
Yeah, the new album i've been waiting for has finally arrived in my hand. I know a lot of people would doubt the new singer William like I did. I remember i called them Africa in Chains before. but king fu*k, if you haven't got the album, you have no idea how great it is.

Eleven songs, Jerry's voice took over about half of the album. nah, that's not a bonus but might be a good news for his fans.
The song ''Black Gives Way to Blue" is my current fave. Alice in Chains hasn't changed a bit but they sure have reached to another level rather mature and I see that as a better thing to appreciate.

I still cannot tell what kind of music they make. Nah, to me, that's definitely not grunge cause Jerry isn't lazy on the guitar. I got teared up and constantly smiled while I was listening to their new songs. They make this kind of music that I can say "HEY, THAT'S AIC" if I heard them on the radio by not knowing any of their new songs. I surely am honoured to be a fan of AIC.

Listen to this song 'Black Gives Way to Blue' and you'll know what I mean. Because it's oh-so-typical Alice in Chains.

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I was extremely fond of Acid bubble, Like i thought that was like the WOW traCK OF THE Album, also track three off the album was powerful. The album was much better then i expected and just like tripod jerry hogged most the vocals lol

i just noticed and now wonder if we are the only two that give a shite about this album.

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