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I want my Alice to be In Chains!

Alice in Chains coming back to the UK
Viking Guy at work
Great news for us British dwellers.

Alice in Chains are going to preform yet again in Sonisphere Festival, Knebworth park, 31 July - 1 August

I hope they also schedule in another gig in London like they did last year, but regardless of that wishful thinking, I intend to go to Sonisphere. Knebworth park is 30 minutes by train from London.

Saw Alice In Chains tonight (3/6/10) this is the setlist
Silly Dog 3
clicky clicky

Your decision comic and strip and tour dates
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Just to share with you a couple of things:

First - There was recently a competition to write the comic strip for what came next after "your decision"... the result is fantastic (6 separate chapter strips written by 6 different people). Probably best to listen to the song and then look at this Your decision comic strip

US and European tour datesCollapse )

Meeting Alice in Chains
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When I first heard that Alice in Chains were to do a gig (2nd August) in the UK as part of Sonisphere festival (Knebworth park) and ahead of their new album release - I knew I was going.Collapse )

Alice in Chains LJ
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Attention Alice in Chains fans

I am now the new moderator of the LJ Fan club.

My first actions as moderator were to delete the 2 entires by SteveHayes who was spamming us with his Junk.

I hope these will also be my last actions, as like you, we all have a busy life to lead and want my time here to be spent sharing Alice in Chains content and feelings.

All the Best

I hope you like the changes Ive done to the journal display, it was an outdated version and as a result we couldnt see much.

Complaint to LJ Management
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Attention AliceinChains Members, Ill be complaining about Frankenstoner and steviehayes's Junk postings in this forum.

I hope they get kicked out, can the alice in chains group moderator please delete their posts.

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This song is fucking sexy.

showing some love
Yeah, the new album i've been waiting for has finally arrived in my hand. I know a lot of people would doubt the new singer William like I did. I remember i called them Africa in Chains before. but king fu*k, if you haven't got the album, you have no idea how great it is.

Eleven songs, Jerry's voice took over about half of the album. nah, that's not a bonus but might be a good news for his fans.
The song ''Black Gives Way to Blue" is my current fave. Alice in Chains hasn't changed a bit but they sure have reached to another level rather mature and I see that as a better thing to appreciate.

I still cannot tell what kind of music they make. Nah, to me, that's definitely not grunge cause Jerry isn't lazy on the guitar. I got teared up and constantly smiled while I was listening to their new songs. They make this kind of music that I can say "HEY, THAT'S AIC" if I heard them on the radio by not knowing any of their new songs. I surely am honoured to be a fan of AIC.

Listen to this song 'Black Gives Way to Blue' and you'll know what I mean. Because it's oh-so-typical Alice in Chains.

To all my brothers and Sisters
Rip  layne
Ive only listened to the cd Once through, im probably gonna give it a few more days to post a 100 percent review of it but DOWNLOAD IT NOWW!!

Ticket for AIC gig at La Scala in London - 4th August
For various reasons i now have a spare ticket for this gig.

Happy to take offers.

will send next day delivery if payment made by paypal or will hand over in person (in exchange for cash) on the night.



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